Texting Tip Nail Stylus

  • Soft, flexible conductive-silicone tip
  • Qty. 4 reusable tips per box with 20 double-sided adhesive strips to provide a more secure hold, if desired.
  • Fits most nail shapes except stilettos. Stiletto shape is expected early Spring.

The strip is a specially-engineered, double-sided, clear adhesive: one side that sticks to the top of acrylic or painted nail, and the other to the inside of the silicone tip. The tape can simply be removed by rolling it off without damage to the nail or polish. Comes with a small carrying-case box for on-the-go.
MS RP $10    Available soon!
Additional adhesive strips are available in packs of 60. They can be painted with polish on the topside (gel works best) to match your manicure or embellished with adhesive rhinestones, should you so desire. Visit our Decorating Ideas page.

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“It makes texting so much more accurate and easier! I love it.”

“It’s a great tool. It gives me a lot more precision while on my phone. I think you are definitely onto something great.”

“I could not believe how easy it made texting!”

“I would buy a lot of them and put them everywhere: one in my purse, one in my vehicle and one in my home and office. I think they are great, and I will have a stylus whenever I want to use my phone or tablet.”