Now you can easily text or operate any touchscreen with long nails

A cellphone and Touchscreen Stylus Innovation for cell phones, smart watches, tablets and more

This tiny wearable device is a stylus for use with cell phones, smart watches, tablets and other touchscreen devices. Simply slip it on over your nail to make using a touchscreen a breeze.

Texting or using a touchscreen can be difficult with long nails. They do not have the electrical charge emitted by the fingertips required by the touchscreen to respond. The invention serves as a conductive bridge between the human body and the touch element. Texting, playing games and sending emails is more accurate, faster and easier since you no longer must do contortions to get the side of your finger or thumb to touch the screen.

Ladies who have tested and tried out the Texting Tip™ love them! See some of the reviews.

Texting is Easy!

The conductive-silicone stylus tip provides an ideal connection to all touchscreens.

Fits Most Nail Shapes

The reusable tip slides on over the nail and is held in place with a specially-engineered, two-sided adhesive strip to adhere temporarily to the nail surface on one side and to the tip device on the other.

Decorate Them

The tips can be painted to match your nail color or decorated with glamorous embellishments like rhinestones. Have fun!

Our Story

It all began when the founders heard ladies complaining: “I can’t text with my nails” — “I can’t live without my cell phone, but I’m not giving up my pretty long nails,” and finally “Someone needs to figure out something!”

Conductive-silicone tip

reusable tips per box with 20 double-sided adhesive strips to provide a more secure hold, if desired. Fits most nail shapes except stilettos. Stiletto shape is expected early Spring.

Extra tape will be available soon in packs of 60 at a nominal price. Check back or send us an email to alert you when it is in stock.

The Best Texting Nails

Coffee Bean

Best Tips

Coffee Bean

Best Nails

You can decorate your tips in colors to match your polish. It works best with opaque or glitter colors. Your salon tech can even paint a couple to match your manicure. A couple of coats of gel polish works well and can be light-cured just like for your nails.

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“It makes texting so much more accurate and easier! I love it.”

“It’s a great tool. It gives me a lot more precision while on my phone. I think you are definitely onto something great.”

“I could not believe how easy it made texting!”

“I would buy a lot of them and put them everywhere: one in my purse, one in my vehicle and one in my home and office. I think they are great, and I will have a stylus whenever I want to use my phone or tablet.”