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For Girls with Issues Texting with Long Nails

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  As one of America's leading product designers, Texting Tip offers the only conductive silicone wearable stylus tip that provides the ideal connection to ALL touch screens. The reusable tip slides on over the nail and is held in place with a special engineered two sided adhesive strip that temporarily adheres to the nail. Simply slip it over your nail and use on any touch screen, it's that easy.  Testing Tip is the conductive bridge between the human body your screen.  Now, texting, playing games and sending emails is easier and allows you to be more accurate, eliminating the need to use the side of your finger or thumb to touch a screen surface.  This wearable stylus can be used with cell phones, smart watches, tablets and almost all other touch screen devices. Order today and see the difference Texting Tip can mean to you! 

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